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Why are we called Red Barn?

When Red Barn was first opened in 1959 the original owner had planned to open it in a barn on her property in the Winkler Mill Historic District.  However, the township wouldn’t allow the school to operate in the barn, so the school moved to her home (a white farmhouse).  Later, the barn was converted to a home for the owner’s family and the farm house was exclusively a school.  Red Barn moved when the building was sold in 1992 and converted back into a residential home.  Thus, Red Barn has NEVER been in a barn, but the name and reputation have carried on in the community.   

Discipline Policy

We use positive modes of discipline which lead to self control.  We use praise and encouragement to reinforce acceptable behavior. The children develop rules for the classroom which help make the rules self-directed and internalized. The goal is to help the children problem solve and resolve conflicts through communication and to learn that others have needs and wants also.  No verbal humiliation or physical punishment is used.  We may use role modeling, active listening and redirection.  In extreme situations we may use short time outs until the child is ready to rejoin the group.

Red Barn Parent Handbook

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